About Livigno

Livigno is located in the Livigno Mountains of the same name. It extends into the deep and wide valley of the Aqua Granda, which is also called Lombard Spöl. The Lago di Livigno reservoir was built on the river in 1960 and part of the old village was flooded.

In the Middle Ages the nameless valley was populated by shepherds and was named Vinea et vineola. This name came into Latin through the local dialect of German and does not indicate the link with the vineyards, but the constant threat of avalanches. So far, the last big avalanche has killed seven people in 2018 and damaged dozens of homes.

There are only three roads to Livigno for car transport. Railways into the valley are not brought.

  • through the Munt la Schera tunnel to the valley of the Inn River in Switzerland – open all year round
  • via the Foscagno Pass and the Eire Pass into Bormio and further into the Italian Inland – open all year round
  • over the Forcola di Livigno Pass in the Graubünden Valley in Switzerland – open only during the summer